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Senator Clinton’s Mistake

Senator Hillary Clinton (D – New York) should admit her vote in 2002 authorizing the war was a mistake.

Senator Clinton (D – New York) is making a mistake. And her mistake is over an earlier mistake back in 2002 to vote to authorize the Iraq war.

Her mistake now is that she will not admit it was wrong. And there is not any amount of universal health that will change that it was wrong and that she is wrong for not admitting that.

To me, someone who cannot admit a mistake loses credibility. President Bush (R – Texas) is another lost soul who won’t admit his mistakes, and we’ve seen how incredible he has been as President.

People say, “She’s a politician, they don’t admit mistakes.” They try to whitewash it, that because of her position and her campaign motivations she can’t and somehow is absolved. Those people are wrong. John Edwards (D – South Carolina) admitted his vote was a mistake. Back in 2005 he wrote a column in the Washington Post about that. He may not be in the race anymore, but he didn’t sacrifice his integrity in a bid for the presidency.

Senator Clinton, please do what’s right and admit it was a mistake.

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