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Called it: Format Wars

I knew the folding of Toshiba was too good to be simply losing the market. And that Blu-Ray is nothing but a holdover for soft-copies of media. So I gloated about it.

Back in January I wrote (“Blu-Ray ”wins”“) about Blu-Ray becoming the winner of the HD disc format.

Basically I said two things which have now been said by the MSM:

  1. Downloads and soft-media are going to takeover, making Blu-Ray’s “victory” an attempt to lock people in before it’s too late.
  2. It was the result of under-the-table deals like this one.

(Other deals include Sony paying media companies hundreds of millions to go Blu-Ray exclusively, etc.)

So, I was right for once. Hurray.

Since I’m on a roll with this prediction/sooth-saying stuff, I’m going ahead and laying out my next prediction:

wait for it

Harmonicas are making a comeback… this time digital. Expect major news to break in the next 48 to 528 hours announcing new, digital harmonicas. You heard it here first.


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