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Immigration and Trade: Trump’s Iraq

President Donald Trump, our Markov-chain in Chief, had been an ill-weather critic of the Iraq war, and over time his criticism developed to the point where, in the face of intelligence that the Russian Federation acted to unlawfully tamper in the 2016 election, he claimed we cannot trust the intelligence community.

But Trump himself is cooking the books on immigration and trade. With respect to undocumented immigration and with respect to documented immigration from Muslim-majority nations, he is over-blowing the threats while ignoring the benefits. He pretends that the reality warrants his response, when it does not. And again on trade, where he sees an economic world very different from the one that exists. Taken together, this is Trump’s (first?) Iraq.

It will not be as bloody, and it may only be a fraction as expensive in direct costs, but it is still a major blunder supported only by faulty intelligence and an administration hell-bent on pursuing a policy while ignoring all the red flags.

Donald Trump would have (is having) the USA invade itself. In the wake of this invasion, there will be economic calamity. There will be huge disruption to the lives of many innocent people. It is an asinine vision from a cross-eyed administration that cannot seem to admit when it has made a mistake.

All the while, he is treating the budgeting process as a piggy bank ripe for the hammer. He is proposing a number of major spending initiatives and his only hope of paying for them is that the economy would grow so fast that the interstate highway system would develop stretch marks.

But that’s not going to happen. Worse, the opposite is sure to pass if we see the expected downturns in tourism, agriculture, construction, and other sectors that will be mauled by his anti-immigrant lunacy. The projections that this administration would have us believe excuse not paying for spending up-front will look like cruel jokes.

All the while, the debt grows, the politicians become more reluctant to spend correctly in the face of their past mistakes that were all caused by incorrect spending… This is not the path to a great America. They tried the austere path in Europe, and they’re still trying to figure out what’s what.

All the while, the likelihood of another recession grows. The inability to regulate industry properly makes recession worse. It makes the global threats of war worse. It increases the inevitable flow of economic refugees and helps guarantee a future of climate refugees.

We cannot afford to have an Iraq happen with every other president. Mistakes are one thing, but easily recognizable blunders need to stop. Trump’s immigration policy and trade policy are just that.

Senator Clinton’s Mistake

Senator Hillary Clinton (D – New York) should admit her vote in 2002 authorizing the war was a mistake.

Senator Clinton (D – New York) is making a mistake. And her mistake is over an earlier mistake back in 2002 to vote to authorize the Iraq war.

Her mistake now is that she will not admit it was wrong. And there is not any amount of universal health that will change that it was wrong and that she is wrong for not admitting that.

To me, someone who cannot admit a mistake loses credibility. President Bush (R – Texas) is another lost soul who won’t admit his mistakes, and we’ve seen how incredible he has been as President.

People say, “She’s a politician, they don’t admit mistakes.” They try to whitewash it, that because of her position and her campaign motivations she can’t and somehow is absolved. Those people are wrong. John Edwards (D – South Carolina) admitted his vote was a mistake. Back in 2005 he wrote a column in the Washington Post about that. He may not be in the race anymore, but he didn’t sacrifice his integrity in a bid for the presidency.

Senator Clinton, please do what’s right and admit it was a mistake.

Buncha Morons.

The Democrats are giving up on the Iraq war funding bill. No timetables. A really ironic move given the Iraqi government recently voted to urge the USA to set a timetable.

The Democrats are giving up on the Iraq war funding bill. No timetables. A really ironic move given the Iraqi government recently voted to urge the USA to set a timetable.

You read that right. Iraq wants us to say when we’re leaving. But we won’t do it. Bush won’t do it and the Republicans don’t want to do it, and now the Democrats are falling into line.

Whose country is Iraq? Is it just a US territory or does it belong sovereignly to the Iraqi people? The media buried the fact that they voted for us to set a timetable, but that’s no reason for the Democrats not to hold it up and make their case for timetables. They haven’t done that.

This is why we need to get rid of these idiots. Not to mention the idiot in the white house.