Ted Haggard’s Woes

Who really cares if some evangelical preacher is a sinner?

You’ve probably heard about this noted Evangelical Preacher that has been revealed to have had a relationship with a gay prostitute and bought (if not used) crystal methamphetamine.

The question is, who cares? I mean, he was giving hope and so on to all those people, and now he’s a pariah? This sounds a lot like the Oprah thing with that book that they thought was nonfiction. One minute they are empowered by the message and the story, the next minute they find out it’s a lie, it’s not good enough for them.

If it was good enough to begin with, it’s still good enough. If it was only good enough before because it was from a holy mouth, then it was never good enough. You’d think after this happens over and over, they’d start to realize that and examine their beliefs, what they buy into, etc., as scrupulously as possible. But they won’t.

The source of a thought, whether it’s legitimate, real, a story is real, etc. does not matter. Whether the motivational speaker is clean or not, either the message itself has legs, or it’s another empty shell to occupy the mind.

Yes, we don’t want drug-addled smilers leading us no matter their good message because even if the message is saleable they won’t implement it. But we don’t want greed-addled or god-addled or hate-addled leaders either for precisely the same reason. Drugs and gay sex have a bad reputation because they are verifiable and the majority of people believe these things are damnable in the eyes of an all-perfect, all-loving asexual abiotic inorganic pandimensional super-being. Go figure.


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