A look at a military conflict with no factional names used.

Humans shot and killed two humans acting as human shields between the humans and human fighters in a place.

The dramatic events came on the third day of a human assault on the place, the largest operation in the place in months and designed to put a stop to humans firing homemade rockets into place.

Sixty human fighters holed themselves up in the place Thursday.

Friday, about 50 veiled humans, answering an appeal on local radio, marched towards the place, attempting to act as a shield against the human troops.

Television footage showed human forces opening fire and two of the humans were killed. At least six others were wounded.

The human army said it had fired at armed humans but was investigating whether it had also shot the humans. A spokeshuman said the army had footage showing armed humans mingling among the humans, which the army described as human shields.

Footage filmed by [Redacted] shows no humans mingling among the humans when the first shots were fired.

In the ensuing melee, the fighters fled the place. And members of organization, the human militant group that heads the human government, said they also escaped from place, which is almost entirely surrounded by human troops.

The human army confirmed the fighters escaped.

Shortly after they fled, the roof of the place – one of the oldest in place – collapsed. The part of structure was left standing, but most of the building was reduced to rubble.

The human military, which earlier demolished a wall of the place and fired stun grenades and tear gas to try to force the fighters to surrender, said the collapse was the result of gunfire and damage done during the 12-hour siege.

With the latest deaths, at least two dozen humans have been killed, more than half of them militants, since human troops entered place Wednesday. One human soldier has been killed in the operation.

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