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Big Day

Election 2007. The day that nothing still changed.

Well it’s finally upon us, and I suppose I’ll try to do some sort of wrap up for the hell of it, but right now I just have a simple message.

Over the course of this campaign and extending beyond and before we’ve been hit over the head by this Repugnantan line about how if we leave Iraq it will signal to Osama bin Laden that America won’t stand and fight.

If you really believe that our soldiers’ lives are worth proving to an enemy some idiotic point, a line in the sand, you go die, and they can come home in your place. O.K.?

Indeed, why are we so hell-bent on showing a man that is by all accounts an insane religious fundamentalist that we aren’t afraid of him? What good is this serving? It’s completely nonsensical that we show Mr. bin Laden this much respect, that we are occupying foreign soil amidst endless attacks simply to drive home this _principle_ that America will tough it out. It’s like some macho asshole that goes to the twenty-below football game in his skivvies, and ends up in the ER because he couldn’t admit, hey it’s cold.

That kind of fervor I have no stomach for. It is antithetical to the logical mind to take such a tack. But then again, you won’t see me putting my life or anyone else’s on the line to drive it home to a bunch of arrogant greedy flagsucking biblemongers. And that’s that. I’ll see you on the other side.

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