If that’s what it takes…

It takes a national election going against Bush’s grain to get him to do what he should’ve done, what everyone said he should have done. Sad, but true. What a day, what a day. Rain all around, and a new set of leaders on their way in.

I guess a lot of people are very pleased with the results of Tuesday’s elections. They see a dramatic shift across the boards and that this marks a new dawn for the Democratic party, for the nation. They say, “finally Bush will be held accountable,” even as we await the final Senate results to see whether there will be an ever-so-slim majority or minority for the Democrats.

Hold it right there. We don’t need to only hold Bush accountable. We need to hold Congress accountable too. If this is really the bold change we’ve been waiting for then that requires we too change. It means that the Republicans should watch, and the Democrats should watch, and impose a new dynamic of discussion on our leaders to avoid the traumas we’ve witnessed in the past.

So that’s my take, and the only other thing I have to say is what I’ve said since 2000. Look at the numbers. This was not some landslide for the majority of races. Virginia is every bit evidence of that fact as were Montana and Missouri and many others. This is still a nation divided as we were in 2000, 2002, and 2004.

The issue we are so divided over isn’t an ideological one. We’ve split over and over because of these abstract notions of political parties. Some of us actively don’t want Republicans, others actively don’t want Democrats. I’d guess that at best 2/3 of the votes for each party want them. The rest just don’t want the other guys. We need to put a stop to that; we need more third parties. And they’re coming.

There is a gradual shift by at least some Republican-leaning individuals to the Libertarians, and by some Democrat-leaning persons to the Green party, among others. But until the election laws are reformed, until the people regain access to the process and the ballot, it will be very difficult to push through a third party candidate virtually anywhere in this Republic. That’s unless you’re Joe Lieberman (*cough*).