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Art: New Year 2024

The number of the year, 2024, made by the negative space between hundreds of circles of various sizes and colors.

Circles so many circles.

It’s an election year, of course. And a leap year. The big political questions include:

  • Will Congress finally pass a border bill that sends funds to protect the Ukrainian border?
  • Who will be the Republican nominee and will that nominee be convicted of crimes in one or more jurisdictions?
  • Will Democrats articulate a national strategy on restoring abortion rights and health protections for pregnant people?

Of course, who will win the various elections?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

I made the main image of circles in Inkscape, and added the backing and framing stuff with Krita. There was some question about when to stop making smaller circles, which I mostly left up to when the numerals looked well-formed.

Interestingly, the final webp is smaller than the svg, at least when saved with whatever extra data Inkscape stores. I know not everyone likes webp, but I really appreciate how much it can pack into a small file (depending; for some images, it is hard to get it to shrink so much).

Happy new year!

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