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Abstract: Eye Bottle Stopper

What is in the mind is not the mind.

How come nobody says they are top brained or bottom brained? Or maybe they should use compass coordinates. Northeast brained?

What is in the bottle? Who made the bottle? Did the person who made the bottle stopper make the bottle too?

Ah well, some questions are there to be answered, and others are there to chill on a beach sipping from a bottle with a weird-ass eye stopper.


Great example of a gardening tool.

The proportions are a bit off, and the hedge-head of the hammer isn’t as neat as I should have done. The wood grain is something I could do better at too. But flaws-and-all, I still like the nonsense of the piece and it doesn’t look terrible. I mean, it gets the point across.

Probably should have added a little sprouting limb coming off the handle, just for effect.