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Art: Spring Inbound.

These guys kind of pop up and hang out for a bit.

I like the muted tones and the kind of emptiness, almost an alien world feel besides this one little spot.

I don’t feel like I really captured the shape of the leaves. They all turn as they come off their base, and they’re pointy (I guess where the –quil part of the name jonquil comes from) but not pointy at the same time.

They’re also early-risers, which isn’t something I understand, but I still appreciate it.

Art: A Labyrinth.

I will not make a pun with the word /maze/.

Making mazes takes some work. The center has rotational symmetry, while the four outer corners each feature their own flavor. Pretty sure I made at least one mistake, but that’s okay.

It’s a fairly relaxing task, as you’re mostly letting randomness do its thing as you go. While there’s precision involved, it’s a kind of knitting or other handcraft kind of meditative precision that doesn’t require a lot of stop and think. There’s no need to draw a specific kind of line to move the piece forward.

Which is also how maze solving goes, right? You sort of scan the way forward, but you’re not trying to do anything complex, just let your gaze fill in the path until it hits a blind, back up and try again.

Art: A sideways tree.

Why is the tree sideways?

It’s a simpler style and image, but it has a nice composition and a playful happiness about it.

The colored rectangles were an early part of the attempt, and although the rest of the image went a different direction it feels like they add a lot in their final form. The slight color they give? Their linearity against the otherwise curviness?

One of the best things about art of all kinds is how varied it can be. You can have pixels and you can have vectors and you can have more painterly forms. You can have colors or grayscale or limited palettes. Just like music where you can have humming, singing, instrumentals, orchestras, bands.