Art: Cartoon of Woman in Skirt

Art: Cartoon of Woman in Skirt

Originally it was going to be a dress.

I like the raw, incomplete look to this piece, but I think a simple frame around it, maybe some other embellishments, would sell the illusion a bit better. Make it look drawn on paper, or on a canvas, and it makes sense: the artist didn’t frame her figure and so left off the feet. But being a digital drawing only, it’s too easy to fix for the joke to really land.

I guess Valve doesn’t want an unlicensed, third-party Source 2 port of Team Fortress 2. Or maybe they’re working on their own, in-house? Doubtful. Though I’ve not been playing it this week, my understanding is there’s a multi-day outage of the items servers, so everyone’s back to stock. Over the holidays, the snots were bad enough that I never got a feel for several of the new maps, just like last Smissmas.

On the other hand, I was playing (GL)QWTF, the original Team Fortress, back in the late 1990s, and it took until 2007 for a proper sequel. (I played a little TFC, but it didn’t have the same appeal for me as the original.) So if Jungle-Inferno-plus-two marked the beginning of Team Fortress winter, it should only be a half-decade before we see another revival. Or not?



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