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Art: Unfinished in 2023

A crudely-drawn lady with a wrench on her sweatshirt waves goodbye to 2023.

Partial pieces are a kind of art in their own right.

No post next week. Personal matters meant I didn’t make a new image, so I decided to put up some of the things I didn’t finish in the past year.

Some mountains or hills with a few scratches of sky. A building is visible on the right. Some kind of gray triangle (a road?) at the bottom.

I like some of where this was going. One of the challenges for amateurs like me is that when you get to a certain point and think it’s going well, you don’t necessarily want to ruin it by completing it.

A framed series of near-vertical colorful stripes, perhaps with clouds above.

I often like framing an image because it makes it feel professional, like wearing a white lab coat.

A doll-like figure with jeans, a blue shirt, brown leather shoes, and blond hair, on a dark blue background.

Drawing hands is a lot of work. You can have a complex background, or you can have hands. Not both.

A road running over a desert, partly obscured by a green roadsign (fore, right, and without writing), and two weird intersecting white-and-gray circles(behind, to left).

This is almost just a sketch, but aside from those weird circle things, I liked how I sort of got a natural depth to it. I probably put the circles there to cover the part that ruined that depth.

Some snowy mountains (unfinished) behind some fir trees (unfinished) which are next to a small pond (mostly finished). Gaps of pink (including the sky) dominate.

For whatever reason I chose that shade of pink as my default background color in Krita. It works alright, to help me see if I haven’t covered some area of the canvas. In this case, I didn’t cover a lot of the canvas before I decided to move on.

One more:

A desk with two monitors in front of a window. To the left are the edge of a television, a lamp on some kind of stand, and a pair of bookcases. The left monitor shows a recursive image, though uncolored.

A portrait of my view while I work on art. I like this one because it’s fairly representational but I didn’t try to make it all exact and perfect (except for the pasting onto the left monitors for the recursion). I also like it because if you try to figure out how that desk works, it’s totally wrong and awesome. I do often have trouble with surfaces like that, drawing them way too broad for what’s actually visible, which makes them steep and abstract and ruining the perspective flow. It’s great.

Have a happy Christmas, and a happy new year, please.

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