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Art: A sideways tree.

A single tree awkwardly juts across the horizon from a green hill on the right edge, covering a large orange and yellow sun. Behind is a bluish sky with white vertical streaks and pastel rectangles. In front, a pool of water.

Why is the tree sideways?

It’s a simpler style and image, but it has a nice composition and a playful happiness about it.

The colored rectangles were an early part of the attempt, and although the rest of the image went a different direction it feels like they add a lot in their final form. The slight color they give? Their linearity against the otherwise curviness?

One of the best things about art of all kinds is how varied it can be. You can have pixels and you can have vectors and you can have more painterly forms. You can have colors or grayscale or limited palettes. Just like music where you can have humming, singing, instrumentals, orchestras, bands.

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