Art: Pixel art of Da Vinci’s “Last Supper”

Art: Pixel art of Da Vinci’s “Last Supper”

So many pixels, so little antialiasing.

The image above is based on Wikimedia: 11 December 2005: PlusMinus: Photo of porcelain panel painting of “Last Supper” (Leonardo da Vinci) in Garden of Fine Art, Kyoto under a CC3.0 Attribution, Share Alike license.

I probably should have picked something simpler for trying pixel art, but I liked this image anyway. The photo is from a place in Kyoto, Japan, where they have recreated some of the famous pieces of art on porcelain plates and installed them for display like this one.

But the building around “Last Supper” seems to fit very well given it shares at least some architectural themes with the installation and the building it sits with. Even the table, clothed and flowing both with people and food, bears a certain resemblance to the water pool below the painting.

As usual I had my challenges with shape and color and reflections and light and so on. But it still looks okay for what it is.



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