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Art: Spring Inbound.

These guys kind of pop up and hang out for a bit.

I like the muted tones and the kind of emptiness, almost an alien world feel besides this one little spot.

I don’t feel like I really captured the shape of the leaves. They all turn as they come off their base, and they’re pointy (I guess where the –quil part of the name jonquil comes from) but not pointy at the same time.

They’re also early-risers, which isn’t something I understand, but I still appreciate it.

Art: A sideways tree.

Why is the tree sideways?

It’s a simpler style and image, but it has a nice composition and a playful happiness about it.

The colored rectangles were an early part of the attempt, and although the rest of the image went a different direction it feels like they add a lot in their final form. The slight color they give? Their linearity against the otherwise curviness?

One of the best things about art of all kinds is how varied it can be. You can have pixels and you can have vectors and you can have more painterly forms. You can have colors or grayscale or limited palettes. Just like music where you can have humming, singing, instrumentals, orchestras, bands.

Art: Abstract Sea Turtle

I like beach scenes for whatever reason.

Perhaps I should be writing something about the state of politics? I used to do that a lot, but it started to feel too much like writing about the composition of animal dung, and I kept going even then for a time, until my nose and stomach rebelled, so I’ve mostly set it aside for now in favor of art.

And I like the art stuff a lot more, even if none of it’s that hot. At least I can see a result. Which is to say, at least there’s reinforcement to it. It’s something where I can take a glance at the pieces and know it was something done and real and meet with it on whatever level I’m feeling at the moment.

I’ve had this notion, and it’s probably been seen before, that artists and creators have envies of other media for what’s simple about the other that’s hard about their own. A poet or musician wants to tell a bigger tale, so they have to do a whole book or a whole album, where the novelist would have to do a short story. Or the film director says, “TV can spend so much time on character!” Or the TV producer says, “Film gets to put all that budget into just a few scenes, we have to spread it out over eight episodes.”

And I’m sure it’s not exclusive to creative work, either. Building a car versus a house? I’m sure the engineers and architects, anyone putting stuff together, has some level of wonder at the other’s work and in how they itch to distribute their own labor in a different way.

So why not do it? You might not be able to in your usual craft, but draw a picture. That’s part of why I’m doing the art now. So I can see a result in a way that my longer writing doesn’t let me. Another part is hoping to weather the current media+political world long enough for a better one to come along. One worth spending more time to write about.