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“…remains confident…”

“Unpopular” political speech will get you assaulted and some intimate experience with an electroshock weapon. That burning smell? That’s not burnt hair, that’s the smell of freedom.

Talk about balls!

The slightly longer quote:

Chief Stump’s priority is to ensure that the public remains confident in the department’s ability to keep the campus safe.

[Source: UFL “incident”]

Yeah. Like they’re real confident at the moment. The fact is that anyone anywhere has a right to be told, “you are under arrest” before they are manhandled EXCEPT in cases where they have already acted violently or shown they intend to do so.

If you want them to leave the venue you must first ask them, and if they do not do so then and only then may you tell them, “we are not arresting you, but are escorting you from the premises” and only if they do not then comply may you use any force upon them.

And when you have them on the ground, subdued, you may not induce an electrical current through their bodies to force compliance.

But what the hell do I care, I’ve got my own busy life to worry about, right?


Anyway, the video is kind of strange. Hopefully the ‘incident’ and subsequent investigation will promote discussion about these sorts of political forums, the state of political dialog in general.

But the main thing to remember is unless you are actively trying to entice others to violence (eg fighting words) or pose some sort of clear threat to those around you then physical force is unacceptable. It’s also a good idea, if a police officer does grab you, to remain calm, consider yourself immediately under arrest.

Apparently he’s been charged with resisting an officer (different from resisting arrest? doubtful.) and disturbing the peace. If you ask me, seeing a fellow citizen go from asking a question to being arrested without any indication of crime, and then to being subjected to a weapon is much more disturbing than someone taking too long or asking a question that might be unpopular.

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