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Final Stretch to 0.1.1

bookStack extension version 0.1.1 is here. Now available in the official mozilla add-ons sandbox section.

[Updated August 7, 2007] bookStack

I’ve made a video demonstration directed toward Wikipedians, but I haven’t found a good hosting solution yet. Due to the size (resolution) of the video (1056×976) YouTube and Google will both resize it. It’s about 4 minutes in length and currently 16.6 Mb. I may try to make another one at smaller resolution.

I’ve gone ahead and put 0.1.3 up here as well as submitted it to the sandbox side of the official mozilla add-ons site.

[0.1.3 because it’s GPL 2.0 now.]

Hopefully I’ll get some feedback there as to what I should change.

As far as this site goes, I’m currently looking at where I want to add some of the elements I removed at the top to make it a bit more functional.

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