Gonzales Recall

If you’ve kept up with, or really even heard anything about, Alberto Gonzales’ recent testimony to the Senate regarding the botched firing of US Attorneys, the highlight is his stark inability to remember pretty much anything at all.

This isn’t the first time we’ve hired someone that can’t remember anything. Ronald Reagan, for example, was famous for not remembering things. Still, we as a people deserve to have people in government with memories. After all, the government serves at our pleasure.

So, I say to Mr. Gonzales and any other elected or appointed public servant, if you can’t recall, then you should resign. If you are required to make important decisions on a daily basis and you can’t remember your reasoning behind those decisions, you have no business making them.

And if you’re simply saying you can’t recall instead of a more worn phrase like, “I invoke my rights under the fifth amendment,” or are concerned with the legal precedent of possibly admitting any such right exists, you should still resign.