earth day 2007

What are you doing for earth day? I’m building a scale replica of the earth.

What are you supposed to do? Plant a tree? Sing songs to the ground? Not drive? Seriously.

I guess the best thing I can think of to do for the earth today is acknowledge that it is awesome. We are all animated bits of dirt and water and other assorted chemicals in an elegant reaction. We lose sight of that and often consider ourselves part of a silly, abstracted, conventional existence known as society.

Society is not real, the earth is.

The earth wins.


(Also, please support recycling, alternative energy, public transportation, local farming, the Kyoto Protocol, population control, and any other pinko conspiracy to make sure we have a livable environment until the sun runs out of fissionable material. If you don’t I’ll not write your name in the book of life. Not a threat, a money-back guarantee.)