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Committee of Public Safety

Should Paris really be in jail? Does it make anyone safer? I have my doubts.

You know, this Paris Hilton thing is blown way out of proportion. While I can understand the masses eating it up like whatever that American’s name is that broke the world hot dog eating record, there’s a fundamental question of equitable justice in every single case of criminal justice.

Does this incarceration make the public safer than they would be if the person or persons convicted were let free? I don’t believe society has the right to imprison an individual for anything less than an immediate threat to the safety of others and I don’t believe this test is applied in even 1% of criminal cases. We’ve become a society where rights are foreclosed in total without the application of reason.

People feel like it’s about equal justice for all, but that’s only half of the equation for a fair and just society. Fairness is the other half.

If everyone receives equal treatment and that treatment is cruel and unusual, excessive, or in some other way unfair then the system is just as corrupt as one that convicts the poor and releases the rich. And just because the system is corrupt in the latter way does not make it right to approve of its corruption in the former when it does convict a rich person.

I say let her go and affect her in some other way than incarceration. It’s way too expensive and does not make the public safer.

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