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car tags

Just one of the reasons I have my doubts about the viability of libertarianism:

This piece of Alabama legislation that provides all privately owned vehicles may at the owner’s discretion display a ‘distinctive’ ‘god bless america’ license plate for no additional fee (except issuance of the new plate).

Maybe the libertarian line is that no one should need a driver’s license or license plate, and that there should be no public roads in the first place. But ultimately the libertarians seem to want to shut down most of the federal government and let states do as they please in these matters. On the one hand, it surely would increase competition between states. On the other hand, there’s no real evidence that it would improve conditions in states where things are already idiotic.

And that leads to the following question: If Iraq became a mecca for liberty, freedom, open and honest and glorious human spirit, would it encourage the neighbors to change? I’m sure it would encourage change, but whether that change would be the right kind or not is a different matter.

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