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A test/recovery post after switching to a new theme.

And everything seems to be alright. Still a bit of sawdust to sweep up, but that should be no trouble.

Getting a functional design is not as easy as it will be in the future. There are certainly some important changes that can be made to the languages we use to write these things. But a lot of it has to do with where you come from, what sort of background… whether you can think of it as legos with no thickness and so on.

I’ll do a better write-up about the process/what I learned/broke/etc. in a few hours/days.

One thing I definitely learned was little details can be a pain. My testbed (ie, my computer) had one directory structure while my web space has another, for example. Another quirk was, when I looked into PHP5 I remembered that I can’t upgrade to it (cleanly, at least) because Mythweb (the web frontend to MythTV) depends PHP4. That inevitably directed certain choices in the design and implementation process.

Blah blah blah… anyway. Point is, I know this still isn’t much to look at but I’m proud of it. I’ll no doubt be making some little changes here and there (like adding descriptions to all 60+ favicon-ized links or tweaking font sizes or adding more quotes, etc.)

It’s a learning experience, for certain. Just glad to be able to share it with you.


Adam aka hobophobe

P.S. If you notice anything wrong (except on IE*), please say so. I’ve no doubt missed a few things here and there. Thanx.

P.P.S. There’s some bug I’ve caused with the comments. Will fix tomorrow.

*Look. This page will bork on IE. It doesn’t choke and die a horrible death, but it definitely doesn’t render correctly. The top-right cell will jump up and down, and the z-indexed logo at the bottom throws a wrench into the bordering above it. I may fix it, but probably not. IE should fix itself instead of asking anyone (especially me) to work around its inadequacies.

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