(Political) Art: Purple Sky.

(Political) Art: Purple Sky.

Rose tinted glasses that will only make you hallucinate thorns.

It’s at least partly political, anyway. The idea being that a person wearing red-tint lenses doesn’t understand why the sky looks purple, blames outside forces. As in bias-news bubbles making people blame the wrong things for why their worldview is distorted.

And while the red color has an obvious connotation in politics, it’s not wholly about conservative media. It’s a general issue, where college students are told Israel is the sole culprit, not really examining how Palestine’s staunchest allies are all dictatorships, that the long-term solution is democracy and that means everyone, including Israel, should be calling for elections, elections, elections in Palestine to help it build toward statehood.

And the media, both with its agenda of sensationalism and paranoia, and the history of racism toward Jewish people, gladly shares a bed with the conservatives who rejoice in any chance to denounce those dirty lefties.

Racism is stupid. But so is bombing civilians. Murder is wrong. Self-defense is tolerable, but the parameters are limited. And none of that ugliness changes that the only real solution is a neighbor state, and the only real prospect for Palestine is democracy.

There are those who point to internal Palestinian politics and say there’s no good candidate to rule over the land, which both screams that’s-not-democracy and also ignores that the way you get to consensus candidates and legitimacy are through more elections, not fewer, that historically we Americans have practiced elections because if you keep voting eventually better decisions get made and eventually laws get better, over the long long term.

Put it another way, would everyone really prefer another one of these stupid wars in another ten years over ten years of peaceful elections where nobody good got elected but at least we were scratching at the doors of progress? I know I would prefer elections. Take off your red glasses. The sky remains blue (depending on the weather, on air pollution, natural and manmade, on time of day, and depending on what planet you’re on).



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