Art: Some strings.

Art: Some strings.

Must get the string. Very important to get the string.

Just a simple drawing of various strings. Not a lot to say, except they are as fun to draw as to play with.

Still working on a new gutenberg theme, which is a lot of push and pull. Some of the built-in block styles are a bit opinionated in ways I don’t know how to wrangle, so I’m currently in the process of reworking what I had to use their own definitions.

I’ve started transitioning from Tiny Tiny RSS to Miniflux. My main reason is that the Debian package of the former is increasingly outdated, I assume because the upstream has adopted a Docker approach that makes packaging it a bother. For now I’m using both, as I get used to Miniflux. There’s a lot to like in both of them, each with its own ideas about what features should and shouldn’t be there.

It will be interesting to see how my reading habits change from using Miniflux. For example, with TT-RSS, it would automatically update the tab with new articles. With Miniflux, unless you use something to periodically refresh the tab, it won’t tell you if there’s new items, which may be a good or bad thing, depending.

The basic theme is okay, but some of the contrasts aren’t great, and I’ve always been a roll-my-own styles sort anyway, so I’ve started down that road. I’ve also decided to drop some feeds that I had been trying to tame with enough regular expressions to cut out all the crud, in favor of not following those feeds. Some of that is the fact that Miniflux has a less-developed filtering system (especially one that doesn’t let you have something like a spam category to catch stuff and make sure you weren’t overzealous in filtering), but it’s mostly the fact that if I need a few hundred match expressions to weed a feed, it’s too polluted to be bothered with.

At some point I might try to find some backend-only feed grabber with stronger filtering options, at which point I could simply proxy such feeds and let Miniflux grab a cleaned version, but that’s for another day.



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