First Post (with the New Theme).

Upgraded. Revamped. Renovated. All of those words for slightly-different-same-old-same-old.

I figured it was time to throw this thing on the old launch pad, do a countdown, see if it’ll fly. If you’re reading this (and it looks different), the launch was a success, and it’s currently flying through cyberspace.

The wuzzy would not wig on that one.

So what’s new? Default sans font. No more toggle for light and dark mode, you get the choice of dark or dark. Hopefully bearable color choices. Fallback art (though not shown on posts, only in the fancier new homepage for consistency). Fancier homepage to show off posts better if you’re not on a very thin horizontal display. No social icons. No social metadata for now.

It’s a block theme, so there was a little friction getting it set up. The WordPress ecosystem is still much a work in progress it seems, but hopefully this will be semi-futureproof, or at least make it easier to transition with the future changes to WordPress.

I never could figure out how to get it to properly show the post title in the WSIWYG post editor, so it looks different to you than it does to me. The wuzzy would not wig on that one. Other minor sources of frustration, like the fact that there doesn’t seem to be good docs for writing the theme in text editors, which will always be my preference no matter how fancy they make the site editor tools. That meant often going, trying something in the site editor, switching to the code editor to see what the output was, and figuring out what to actually type.

And even now, every time I press a key as I type this text, it is slowly moving down, being scrolled down, almost like an old fashioned typewriter, except there the carriage moved to the side. And as I type this it’s now bottomed out and wiggling at the bottom of the window with every character. Why? Technology, that’s why. Oy.

One other feature I missed was lightboxes for featured images. If you go to the previous post, Art: Dam., the image from Half-Life can be clicked on, giving you a larger view. That would be nice to have on post images, but there’s no way to do that without either a plugin or extra functions, so I decided not to bother. If you want to see the images at the top of posts, you’ll have to right-click, like an animal. It’s the little things.

I thought about more self-promotion, more cross-linking, image galleries, carousels, all that kind of thing. I like keeping it clean. Straight lines and 90 degree angles, thank you.

Gotta go get my laundry. Hope you enjoy the fresh coat of pixels.


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