Abstract Art: Flowerish with gold wire.

Abstract Art: Flowerish with gold wire.

Warning: These colors are not allowed on Florida’s bridges during freedom summer.

I mostly tried again to learn how to effectively use Bézier curves in Krita. It’s hard because (at least in non-vector layers), you can either click or drag, and depending the behavior changes. For precise pathing I still tend to pop open Inkscape and build my curves, then copy them over into Krita or another application. But practice does help.

I’ve also nearly-completely transitioned to miniflux. There are some minor cleanup type things to do, and while my reading flow differs a bit, it’s workable. I’m more convinced than ever that the best RSS setup would have a feed-fetching service that handles all the feed preparation stuff, including batching, frequency of fetch, deduplication, and filtering, and that would feed the reading side, which would track what’s been read or not. So basically, step one a feed proxy with advanced feed signal processing, step two a feed reader. But for now miniflux will do nicely.



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