Art: Weird Yellow Thing.

Art: Weird Yellow Thing.

The world needed at least one more weird yellow thing.

What is it? A robotic space lemon? Some kind of crystal?

It’s difficult to decide what the reality of this shape is—what its other sides look like. The nose looks like it’s kind of bending away, like it cannot be symmetrical along that long axis, but perhaps it can be? We don’t have enough information. And the lighting seems at least a little off, but we don’t know if it really is, or if the facet colors differ slightly or there’s internal reflection at work.

I wonder if and when the energy-slurping AI systems get good enough, how would they extrapolate this image? Would they present a range of options, possibly marked by the constraints (e.g., the underside can’t be too convex or we’d see a protrusion in the image). I mean, if I try I can imagine that the second and third side panels are forming a concave, rather than the whole side being convex.

But in terms of liking this image, I like the colors, the muddy cloudy background, and I like the subject, this strange yellow thing sitting in this kind of soupy void. Maybe it’s a lifeform, maybe it’s on its way to get a new musical note for its sky or whatever such a being would do.



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