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Abstract art: Rainbow splotches on their way to a party.

A series of color splotches ranging from purple in top-left to green in center-left to yellow on to red in lower right. Background of sharp triangles from bottom left to upper right.

Just felt like something colorful and simple.

Rainbows and gradients are fairly easy to make, and they look nice and colorful. I also like the natural drift from the relatively straight origin.

Today’s a leap day. You can approximate the number of leap days you’ve seen by dividing your age by four. This method is more accurate the longer you live. But they are rare events, with a person of 80 only having seen about 20 of them. So nobody has 10 000 hours in practicing leap days. We’re all inexperienced with these rare extra days. But a day’s a day, mostly, so we don’t know if there’s something a person living 1700 years (or seeing more than 417 leap days, or 10 000 hours worth of leap days) would be able to tell us about how to act on these days that we don’t know.

Anyway, you’ve got four years to plan for the next one, in case you think there’s something to it.

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