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Art: Some sort of seabird?

A white seabird either landing or taking off from a wooden surface. Ocean and sky behind it.

So what if the beak doesn’t connect?

A simple style. Anatomically pretty rough but it still makes a nice image, yeah?

The beak is too small to be a pelican, but too big to be a seagull. Ah well.

It’s an image of summer. One of the best things about going to the beach was that it was nature of a different kind. Forested nature was the main nature, but the beach was this wild place of its own where other than near-shore swimming and some boats it’s mostly left to its own because we can’t build on water.

The sea itself holds fishies (among others), and there are some land creatures like lizards, but the main wildlife you’d see was up in the air, above the kites.

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