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Art: Elliptic Landscape

Circles and ellipses make rows of shrubs on the ground below a sky dominated by clouds and a yellow sun also made from circles.

Kind of a cartoony look to it.

If the circles look like eyes, does that make this woke art?

I was going to add something else, but I didn’t want to do a car (which is doable with circles), and I couldn’t really envision a circle-based building that didn’t look futuristic or that would cheat and use rounded rectangles instead. So I kept it simple.

I guess everything is made of spheres or something like spheres anyway. Atoms and subatomic particles are roundish, yeah? Because if they were cubes, they would poke each other too much with their sharp corners, and nobody would want that, one assumes.

And anything big enough turns into some kind of spheroid. Planets and the sun and so on. So round is a popular choice, universally speaking.

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