Art: Solitaire WIP-1

Art: Solitaire WIP-1

Turns out SVG is hard to handle.

I decided to start working on a solitaire card design, mainly because I knew it would be difficult to deal with. And I was right.

For one thing, I can only sometimes load my test cards in Aisleriot Solitaire. And if I quit and reopen it with them selected, they don’t load. So some debugging will have to happen there. There are no messages spewed on the console to indicate why it will load the cards once but not in other cases.

For another, the card layout and the whole SVG defs system is hard to work with, at least from Inkscape. So I bounce between that and a text editor.

But it’s the nature of learning. If I had come up with a perfect design and gone to implement it, I’d run into these issues all the same, so this way at least I can take my experience into account when I do move toward a more thorough design.

One open question is how much to make them like real cards. For example, the default theme does away with card labels in both corners, as the program is never going to deal a card upside down, while real-world cards need them for exactly that reason. So from a design standpoint it’s your choice. Are these really skeuomorphic cards anymore, or should they be more like pieces of game art?



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