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Art: Skulls

Center-left a bone-colored cartoon skull in front of a diagonal striped background of dark greens. Smaller versions of the same skull line the edges, while center-right is a dim ghostly image of the skull.

The trick to Halloween art is the light and the dark.

Not very anatomical, but more of a cartoon. I find it interesting that if I look at the teeth it looks scarier, but if I look at the face as a whole, it looks friendlier. Guess it has something to do with how the brain perceives faces as general shapes?

I liked throwing the smaller repetitions on the edges to kind of frame it up and make it less plain, plus it gave some chance for slight variations in the coloration of the skulls without too much variety.

And no Halloween image would be complete without something like that second ghostly skull blended into the background. It’s practically a law of art.

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