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Spooky Blender Pumpkin

The pumpkin I made in Blender to celebrate Halloween 2021. Also includes some progress snapshots.

A bright orange jack o' lantern with a glowing yellow inside, floating in front of a blurry brick wall background.
The fruit of my labor. ha ha because pumpkin is a fruit.

I’ve learned to do a little with Blender in the past, but it’s easy to forget. (The other side is that being an infrequent user it’s always different from previous times I’ve used it.) I decided to make a jack o’ lantern for Halloween. Happy Halloween!

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Res Ipsa Loquitur: Campaign Ads and Facts

McCain’s gonna be something for Halloween, alright. Wrong is what. Ho ho ho.

Today some links.

McCain-Palin Distorts Our Finding: was used in a recent campaign advertisement for John S. McCain and Sarah L. H. Palin.  Problem is, according to, the use of their quote and their name is a distortion of reality.

… we’ve also asked that “the editorial integrity of the article be preserved” and told those who use our items that “you should not edit the original in such a way as to alter the message.”

Hell.  That’s something that you can learn in just about any school in America.  What’s wrong with these people?  Good, old-fashioned, down-home, American editorial prowess is too much for them?  And they want to lead our country?  God help us, God dammit, if they manage to pull this one off.

What’s John McCain gonna be for Halloween?  Wrong.

PCL: Campaign 2008: This is one I probably should have known about by now, but I’m glad to have found.  The Stanford Political Communication Lab publishes the official ads of the presidential campaigns.  A good resource if you don’t watch a lot of ads on tv.

Well, two is a nice, round number.  So that’s what you get for today.  Enjoy.