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Art: Animation of a flower

A stalk and bud of a flower in dirt, with a cloudless sky above.

So many frames, so much to keep track of.

A flower blooms as the camera rolls to the right.

It takes a lot of planning to even do a simple animation like this. I was, however, surprised that the filesize can stay fairly small (after I cut a couple of gradients, it dropped by ≈160 kibibytes).

If you look closely, the moving dirt isn’t synched with the flower as much as it should be, but I didn’t want to have to redo a bunch of things to fix it. I also forgot to add leaves to the stalk, but for a first try it’s okay.

Even for a short clip like this, I didn’t draw enough frames, so it looks a bit choppy, but it gets the idea across and it still looks okay enough.

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