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Art: Spring Inbound.

These guys kind of pop up and hang out for a bit.

I like the muted tones and the kind of emptiness, almost an alien world feel besides this one little spot.

I don’t feel like I really captured the shape of the leaves. They all turn as they come off their base, and they’re pointy (I guess where the –quil part of the name jonquil comes from) but not pointy at the same time.

They’re also early-risers, which isn’t something I understand, but I still appreciate it.

Art: Animation of a flower

So many frames, so much to keep track of.

A flower blooms as the camera rolls to the right.

It takes a lot of planning to even do a simple animation like this. I was, however, surprised that the filesize can stay fairly small (after I cut a couple of gradients, it dropped by ≈160 kibibytes).

If you look closely, the moving dirt isn’t synched with the flower as much as it should be, but I didn’t want to have to redo a bunch of things to fix it. I also forgot to add leaves to the stalk, but for a first try it’s okay.

Even for a short clip like this, I didn’t draw enough frames, so it looks a bit choppy, but it gets the idea across and it still looks okay enough.