Abstract Art: Neon Lines.

Abstract Art: Neon Lines.

Somewhat inspired by the stargate in /2001: A Space Oydssey/.

I toyed around with Krita’s scripting ability, and I learned very little. Mainly that it doesn’t background itself, so if you have a long-running script, it will continuously steal focus from anything else. That was enough to make me quickly give up on that approach.

I also looked about at Matrix, but I didn’t find a particularly good client packaged for Debian. And it didn’t look like I was going to find any good chat rooms anyway. I used to use IRC, but I fell off that horse a long time ago, and it’s hard to find a good place to chat there, too.

One of the big problems with internet chat is the necessity of having a topic, a field, a project, something to link the chatters. That’s hard if you don’t identify with anything particular enough to warrant its own chat.

Most of the time, looking at the internet that was and the internet that is, it feels obvious that mistakes were made. The web got hollowed out by social media, and without that backbone of accessible and useful activity, search (including Google’s) has suffered a lot.

But there’s also this big blinking beacon in the internet sky that says eventually there will be a supernova Cambrian explosion that will bless us with new species, new elements that can restore life to the internet. The question it poses feels like a when.



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