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Abstract Art: Indescribed

Claw grasping a flame surrounded by halo, some kind of structure with an outline of a shadow, some sort of mushroom, a spiral with maybe smoke, some concentric squarish bits, a broken sculpture, two faced figures with a steak and candles, and a boombox with two tubes extended from bottom. Shadows of the faced figures and sculpture above, along with shadows of a tree and a flower.

The background disguises the empty space.

An issue with drawings is they can look kind of sparse, so you have to have a background. Originally this had a background that was painful to look at, and it was a nice sort of art challenge, of do you dare try to look at the drawing with those stripes of green that are very difficult to look at? But I wasn’t entirely on board. So I went back to the (ha!) and came up with this nicer colorful shadings.

Another issue (mentioned before) is the alt-text issue.

But sparseness, you either keep drawing until it’s so full (which also impacts alt-text), or you try to find some kind of balance.


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