Art: Heavy weapons guy eating a banana at the end of pd_watergate.

Art: Heavy weapons guy eating a banana at the end of pd_watergate.

Om nom nom, nom nom. What’s that, Banana? Aliens are drunk!

Partly a paint-over, but mostly by reference, a rendering of one of my favorite Team Fortress 2 maps, Watergate (TF2 Wiki: “Watergate”).

It was the map that introduced the game mode of player destruction, in which slain players drop some sort of tokens that are later deposited, and the team to deposit enough to match a goal number wins.

Some of the other maps that use the mode have better calculations on that goal, and there’s a lot of variation in how fun the maps are. Watergate remains my favorite, even if it’s got a steeper goal than the newer maps of the mode.

The main drawback to player destruction is that if you happen to be abandoned and by yourself, you have no way to finish the match, as you can’t generate new tokens, so unlike most modes, the only move is to quit out. That can especially be a problem with bot-riddled matches, as the bots will eventually quit and you won’t see fresh players.

One solution there would be to do what versus Saxton Hale does, and have a capture point become available if the map goes on too long. But it’s an older mode so I doubt it will ever see such an update.


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