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Bookstack Download Fury

Note regarding the review of Bookstack on the Windows Forest website and the subsequent giant number of people using Bookstack.

Wow. A Japanese website called Windows Forest posted a review of Bookstack on July 21st [Windows Forest review of Bookstack]

The result was somewhere around 1,000 downloads and as of the most recent statistics on the Mozilla Addons site over 700 600 500 people are now using Bookstack.

0.5.3 is closing fast on the gates of releasedom.

That is all.

Softpedia Reviews Bookstack

A post to note Mac Softpedia has reviewed my extension, Bookstack.

I must say I’m surprised and delighted to find out that Mac Softpedia has reviewed my Firefox extension, Bookstack. The review is fresh off the presses, added today. [Read: Mac Softpedia Review of Bookstack]

One thing that this review does is shows me how the current interface looks on Mac OS X. I’m not sure how the screenshots of Bookstack they have compare to other extensions and interfaces in Firefox on Mac, but hopefully I can take a look and possibly make things more consistent for Mac users. I’m probably going to get a Mac at some point down the road, which will greatly facilitate the testing.

One thing I’m pretty sure isn’t there for Bookstack users on Mac yet is middle-clicking to add links. There’s no middle-mouse button. If you use a Mac and use or want to use Bookstack please post to the Bookstack release thread on Mozillazine or add an issue to the issue tracker on the Bookstack project on Google Code or e-mail me (unusualtears at gmail dot com).

Anyway, things are a little slow other than this in the Bookstack world. I’m letting it kind of simmmer while I consider the next steps forward for the interface.

bookStack 0.4.8

April 19, 2008: bookStack 0.4.8 is released: French, German, and Japanese support plus better drag & drop.

Added translations thanks to The BabelZilla Project and kind people who translated.

Better drag & drop. Copy, move, exciting.

Getting pretty stable at this point. I’d like to nominate it to be a public extension soon.

Anyway, head over to Mozilla Addons Sandbox and try it out.