No Immunity

The latest in the war on privacy is the attempt by the President and Congress to collude on an update to FISA that includes a provision intended to grant immunity from civil suits against telecommunications companies for the part they may have played in illegal wiretaps.

While in a perfect world such an idiotic attempt to stifle a basic right of redress for violation of rights would not occur, this is not a perfect world. On the other hand, and indeed more importantly, rest assured that this provision is in fact nude. Amendment Four makes that undeniably clear in its language: shall not be violated.

No mention of convenience to the executive or other such weasling applies. Amendment Four is an intrepid piece of law that must persist if a union is to exist at all. One merely wishes that the so-called legislators of this nation and the so-called executive of the government might occasion themselves to understand the law rather than limiting themselves to defecating in it while grinning like a three-month-old who has soiled himself immediately after a fresh change.