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Sensational SPAM lines

Examples of the sensational headlines that are coming with your daily dose of SPAM.

A few days back Slashdot posted the story about Spammers Announcing World War III.

Yesterday and today, apparently bolstered by the Slashdot-bump, I’ve gotten a few SPAM that sport these “breaking news” headlines, some real and some fictitious. Curiously, the subject line differs from the inner-text that accompanies the malware link. Like you’re going to believe it’s legit when you are first told “pictures of puppies” and then told “Bush to give commencement speech from orbit.”

Here are some of the ones I’ve gotten lately:

  • Clinton found hanged in bedroom
  • Dark Knight bombs at box office
  • YouTube shut down after complaints
  • Hurricane Bertha claims one hundredth victim
  • Hurricane Bertha hits Miami leaving millions homeless and devastated
  • Nicole Kidman gives birth to new baby
  • A Special Reception with Vice President Dick Cheney

Err, wait that last one is from the local gopgops that won’t unsubscribe me from their propaganda.

Oh, e-mail, you broken crazy mess. Sigh.

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