Veep Debate Oh-Eight

Just some questions to think about inre: VP Debate 2008.

Just a few questions to think about vis a vis the debate:

  1. Since both say they support equal rights for gay people, which will legislate it?
  2. We’re going to pay taxes.  Maybe more, maybe less.  Which party is going to put the taxes we do pay to better use?
  3. Which ticket is going to mention trains (specifically, as part of their energy policy) at least once in a debate?
  4. While regulation is great and the free market is fine and dandy, the lifeblood of capitalism is information.  Who is going to ensure that the real fix for the next (and for this) financial crisis is available to their constituents?
  5. Traditional energy has only gotten us so far.  Will the Republicans or Democrats be willing to make a real push for real alternatives and make us both energy independent and cut our emissions in half in 10 years?

I ask these questions because I’m pretty sure the answer is neither in all cases except maybe number two.  And even then, the degree is very small.

In my life, I have never really voted for a candidate I had a good, strong feeling about.  Come November that won’t be changing unless there’s some candidate I’m unaware of.

It is a sad thing, that you hear the rhetoric of Governor Sarah Palin saying how great this country is and trying to make us fear losing our precious freedoms.  It is a sad thing, hearing how wonderful Senator Joseph Biden paints the changes they will bring.

At the end of the day our markets are still full of shit.  Full of sycophantic morons who play follow the leader in a giant circlejerk.

At the end of the day the innovation still happens in peoples’ garages not because corporations don’t have the money to funnel into R&D, but because they’re obsessed with their stock price.

At the end of the day, we all go to bed, to dream, to hope that tomorrow when we wake up the sun will be shining, dew will be beading all across the land, and a nice breeze will blow to wash it and the gray film of ash that has settled on our land will be washed away.

So that’s what I’ll do now.  Goodnight.


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