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Welcome the Non-Government

A look at the myriad of problems with the USA and why they aren’t being fixed (and are being ignored).

More and more we are finding the inadequacies of our government. From active censorship and misinformation campaigns at home and abroad to horrendous mishandling of war and disaster (and disaster), our government is showing itself to have no real operating methods.

About all it is good for these days is spending money, putting people in prison, acting like children, covering up their own misconduct, making things worse, and worse.

They’re finally making some efforts to solve things (but only after everyone and their mother thought of it first). They’re trying to give the world a better impression of us.

But are they really? Even the “steps forward” have come far later than they should have, and only when the government was shown to have exhausted all other options. And when that happens they take their weakest possible form, showing a lack of resolve to do the right thing.

As a nation we are lagging behind in education, in industry and commerce, in quality of life as not measured by arcane fiscal means but as a measure of how much we have to offer one another. We are failing to rekindle the flame that brought this country into being because we are too focused on our miniscule goals of commerce and pride. That is not what we are here for in this Republic or on this planet. We are here to mark the world with our sacrosanct spirit of cooperation, brotherhood, and intellect.

We have lost our way and yet we have not found a voice to lead us, or even recognized the necessity of such a voice. We have not sought some major collective challenge since at the latest the 1960s when we decided to go to the moon, but more precisely since WWII when we made the collective effort to put an end to an unjust war the best way we could manage. In peace we are not lost, but in peace there is less scrutiny of our leaders to provide a path of progress. They are allowed to meander and squander for we feel no urgent burdens to overcome.

Believe me when I say we are at war with our own government and ourselves. We must fight until our deaths to find a truer course of action and a better use of resources. We must reach our hands to our brothers in Iraq and Iran and Argentina and Venezuela and North Korea and we must somehow grow a bunch of arms to have the hands to do this. Err, wait. No. We must rekindle the human flame that has brought mankind from the darkness into the twilight. We must march forth into the light of day and see for ourselves the world that has given us home.

Heavy rhetoric, for sure. God knows I don’t like writing this sort of thing, but for lack of some true leader to do it I’d rather it attempt to be said.

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