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The GOP Crossroads

The 2016 GOP candidates think the nation is at a crossroads, but the only crossroads is the one the GOP is stuck at.

We’ve been at a crossroads for election after election. What’s the deal?

If you watched the second 2016 GOP debate, you would have heard a very different picture painted of the world than the one you likely see. Many of the candidates portrayed the 2016 election as a crossroads or a chance to change the direction the country is heading, things like that.

If you listened to Mike Huckabee’s fantasy spiel of what the world would look like after he got done with it, you probably laughed or threw up in your mouth a bit.

The country isn’t at a crossroads. The GOP is, has been, and will remain there until they can admit reality.

The fact that defunding Planned Parenthood is actually a serious consideration of the candidates for president in 2015 is very telling. As is immigration. As are nuclear launch codes. Vaccines even impinge on freedom, apparently. To hear them tell it, President Obama has planted landmines in all the school playgrounds throughout the land.

In 2012 we thought we had a clowncar. In 2015-2016, we apparently have the GOP rodeo clowns running for president.

Build a wall on our border with Canada, says one. We need to track visitors like shipping companies track packages, says another.

I am not afraid of idiots, nor embarrassed by them, but I am surprised by them. The failures of logic in their statements, such as how we can neither afford to do anything about atmospheric carbonization, nor could we make a whit of difference if we tried, and yet we must not disrupt ourselves (atmospheric carbon will be a major disruption over time), and yet we are exceptional in any other crisis (then why can’t we do anything about carbon?).

ISIS is, apparently, an existential threat to the United States of America. A problem for the world? Sure. But an existential threat?! Meanwhile, the aforementioned carbonization, while probably also not a true existential threat, certainly ranks much higher. The GOP pretends it’s nothing to care about.

The Twilight Zone Party seriously believes it can ignore reality.

At the little table, Rick Santorum claimed we should be worried about Islam because many Muslim-dominated nations have polls showing “two-thirds” (only true for a few of the countries) believe the world will end in their lifetimes (the poll was actually about the return of the Mahdi, which is prophesized to be just prior to the end of the world; FWIW, belief that Jesus will return correlates with the Mahdi responses). But in the good old US of A, somewhere around 22% will poll the same way on the actual end of the world (15% worldwide average). Oy vey.

But one of the biggest surprises isn’t the eschatalogical pastimes of presidential candidates, but the meantime that they ignore. The future is changing rapidly, and while they might talk about projections for Social Security insolvency, they had bupkis about where technology will be moving us in the near future. Nothing on automation both inside and outside of the military.

It’s like the biggest changes in the world are completely off their radar. Technology and climate. Big deals. Nothing worth the GOP’s time.

At the GOP’s crossroads, the paths form a figure eight, and they just go round and round in circles. Worst of all, most of the small government party’s candidates kept calling for bigger and bigger government for the fake problems they perceive.

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