The Buck (x500mil) Stops Where?

My personal plea that you and everyone else not vote for these candidates that spend too much money on their campaigns.

There’s been a bit of media attention lately to the exorbitant amounts of money that we as a people spend to fund the campaigns of our elected officials, especially presidential candidates. And any sane among us will agree it’s entirely out of hand. No matter how much you may favor a candidate for whatever policies they endorse or propose we should not and cannot endorse any candidate that will utterly waste these dollars on campaigns.

To that end I call on all Americans to pledge not to vote for any high-spending candidate in 2008 or any other election. Campaign funding has the benefit of being mostly transparent, so it is rather trivial to find out what your candidates are spending. Do that, and if they are spending too much money then do not vote for them. I won’t be.

It’s the principle of the matter that if their ideas are sound we should not need to spend all of that money to decide we like them. And it’s the practice of the matter that any candidate that can justify spending so much to get elected will not have the restraint we grossly need once they hold office. Get the word out to people, let one another know this is the deal-breaking issue that precedes the others and let’s see if the candidates are actually willing to step up to the challenge of running a sane campaign before they get the chance to sit in office.


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