Thomas Friedman on Nation Building

A nod to the Friedman piece from the May 4, 2008 New York Times. Take a long look at it and ask yourself what leaders are supposed to be doing again.

Via The New York Times has an opinion piece by Thomas FriedmanWho Will Tell the People?. EV summarized as follows:

It is how we need a President who is willing to get on TV at 8 P.M. and tell the American people the truth–that America is headed in the wrong direction–and that allies and competitors are catching up fast.

Not 3 am, Hillary, but 8 pm. I wonder if that’s East or West coast?

Anyway, a taste from the Friedman editorial:

If all Americans could compare Berlin’s luxurious central train station today with the grimy, decrepit Penn Station in New York City, they would swear we were the ones who lost World War II.

We don’t really see the kind of purpose or drive you want to see from our country. Certain cities get a modicum of try every now and then. To hear the politicians tell it we can’t afford anything but wars and tax breaks for the wealthy anymore.

Anyway, worth the read; that last line hit the nail and the vibrations have traveled up my elbow so I’ll cut it here.


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