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McCain Picked Pygmalion

Palin is Pygmalion with the ygm and o removed. That is all.

Palin is just Pygmalion with some letters removed, and the treatment she’s getting is probably not far off from that of Eliza Doolittle.  I can’t respect a candidate that needs to be taken off and sculpted into an “acceptable” speaker for the media interviews.

This is just pathetic and it shows what I’ve believed all along: the Palin pick was the shrewdest piece of political theater I’ve seen in my lifetime.  Not because it was a good move (it still looks to turn out as a disaster).  It was shrewd simply because of the amount of attention it garnered.  And continues to garner.

It reminds me a lot of the old Vandals song, “And Then She Spoke…,” which includes one of my favorite lines: “if she don’t shut up / I’m gonna throw up / all over her shoes.”  Point is that for now she’s not opened her mouth in this campaign without it being prepared.  She hasn’t had to show her true personality.

And that is the real mark of Pygmalion: Doolittle was covered in a cake of makeup so thick that her original person was lost.  The same is being attempted on Palin.


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