McCain and the GOP

McCain is a scary prospect for November. I’d prefer a president in favor of, for example, Nuclear Disarmament.

I have to say and hate to say, but it seems that McCain is Medvedev to Bush’s Putin.

But seriously speaking for a moment, I have major reservations about what the man’s economic policy will be. Bush’s economy has done serious yet reparable harm. But another Bush-esque leader when it comes to the economy? We might be looking at the total collapse of the dollar in that case. Seriously ominous given that McCain has Bush’s tap-dance of approval.

As far as his policy toward bombing other countries, that’s scary too… but ultimately America’s desire to kill foreigners without contrition is an economic desire. People build the bombs and planes and even the damn whistles in the bombs put food on someone’s table. Arms manufacturers. We sold to Iraq, to Iran, to Israel, to Saudi Arabia. . . You get the idea.

So the question is, will McCain help the nation or help the businesses, particularly those in the business of war? It certainly looks that way. Now that he’s the Goopers’ nominee, he’s been putting on a bit more makeup, straightening his hair a bit more; he has to appeal to the base (hopefully not that base……) This boils down to talking up tax cuts, ignoring Bush’s failings, etc.

He does have a few good features. Torture shouldn’t even be an issue, and people are insane to think otherwise. Campaigns should not cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

But tax cuts aren’t an economic solution. They solve the problem that our tax system is screwed up… but they have to be properly apportioned to achieve that goal… which they weren’t. Reform the tax system? Sure.

Instead, a bandaid that’s been laced with lye? That’s what generally passes for reform in this country.

Go to hell. No, really, go there, and then when you get there, ask for a copy of their laws, then come back, and compare them to ours. They’ve had ethics reform, tax reform, campaign finance reform… hell is actually not that bad since they got universal health care and public transportation. You don’t have to worry about predatory lending anymore since they capped adjustable rate mortgage changes.

I am hopeful that given enough tries this nation will elect a set of leaders that will put to work the gargantuan bureaucracy to true good. But until that day the best we can do is to try to keep the main foundation from rotting out from under us. That means not voting for dynastic presidencies. We don’t need Bush’s third term.


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