Am I being detained?

Faced with a border-related roadblock the simple question posed to the border patrol agent, “am I being detained?” raises some interesting questions.

Via diggRejecting Authority at Police State Checkpoint: Video on
Pretty much self-explanatory. I’d like to make a few points anyway.

  1. If you are being questioned by law enforcement, border patrol, etc. assume you are detained and follow this photographer’s lead. Get confirmation that you aren’t before you leave.
  2. If you are told you are not being detained, you are free to go at that point. He probably should have left it at that, but the border patrol agent did not seem to mean what she said. She continues to treat the rendezvous as an interview.
  3. It’s not clear what would have happened if you walked past the road block. It did not appear to be a closed-access highway, meaning you are allowed to walk or bicycle on it.

Nice video though. I can only hope that the border patrol agent didn’t take it the wrong way; they probably do get a hard time a lot. We should be using our public servants more wisely than this.


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