A Burning Flag

Some thoughts about the PGOTUS.

Zzzt, foomp.

The PGOTUS has proclaimed: flag burners, all tens of yous, should spend a year in jail or hand in your ‘Merica Card at the nearest church! It hath proclaimed that millions of illegal immigrants voted against it! And the PGOTUS also “was very impressed!” by Gen. David Petraeus. It was, no doubt, also impressed by Mitt Romney joining it for dinner. Its ego grows by the day.

How should we react when the PGOTUS says crazy things? When it does crazy things? Should we be afraid? Should we donate the Jill Stein and hope for a miracle? Flee? Burn the flag?

The PGOTUS doesn’t understand the role of executive. All it understands is reproach and praise. Every single thing in its world is either the best or the pits. The PGOTUS lives inside of a monochromatic prison of its own design—the best monochromatic prison: gold on gold with gold trimming.

The role of the executive is to make the best out of what we have got, and to push for better. The role of the executive is to understand the threats and opportunities our nation faces, and to meet them. Flag burning is not a threat. Factless visions of illegal voting, dreamed up by deluded minds, are not a threat.

But PGOTUS does not care. PGOTUS looks out on a world it does not know from a place of deep confusion. It suffers from a disease that science has never studied thanks to the distorted profit motive of the medical fields. It suffers alone, afraid.

The PGOTUS will say more crazy things. “If I had a dollar for every time I ripped someone off, I’d have exactly the amount of money I have!” is what it will say. The people who like the PGOTUS will cheer. They are hypnotized by PGOTUS. They are the people of OZ, goldmongers that believe only in the allure of that 79-proton element. The PGOTUS has the gold, so the PGOTUS must be of divinity, they believe.

The PGOTUS will give tax breaks and other doodads to companies that have, in the recent past, sold military secrets to China (and admitted it in a court of law!), despite all its rhetoric about being tough on companies moving out, being tough on China, being strong on military. The PGOTUS is not equipped to handle the task ahead.

The PGOTUS will teach corporations to keep throwing tantrums so they get even more preferential treatment at the expense of the citizenry. And after they get what they want, they can always make the moves anyway, without consequence. The PGOTUS will gladly see taxpayers pay Tuesday for its political hamburger today.

The PGOTUS is currently on an apology tour, showing everybody what a sorry thing it is. Who gives a fuck about saving the flag when lives are at stake and the PGOTUS is too dim to see it. We can always make more flags, but the pending destruction will take a lot longer to mend.



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