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Everybody Together Could Fix This

Republicans are currently facing the possibility they will lose the US House in 2018. They haven’t accomplished anything. They aren’t on a path to do so. But are they setting themselves to work, to enacting policies good for the people? Apparently that would be a bridge too far.

They are like a spouse a week away from anniversary saying, “I haven’t purchased a gift. I’m going to be in the doghouse, for sure.”

Go rewrite the AHCA and make it sane. Work on infrastructure. Work on balanced deregulation. And so on.

It’s not that hard! Yes, you will piss off some lobbyists and campaign coin purses. Yes, some of you will inevitably lose seats. Yes, I’d be glad not to have Ryan as Speaker. But I’d rather have Ryan with a gavel and a Congress that actually attempts to do what’s in the interest of the nation.

Faced with the options of losing a mess of seats or doing the right thing, the choice should make itself. But these people are honestly considering not doing their jobs.

Campaign promises be damned, the number one promise, implicit in standing for election at all, is that you will work for the betterment of the country and your constituents. This is Civics 101. Yet they cannot fathom a change in course.

If they can’t, fine. They have the chance to govern, and they would rather lose their seats than do it well. Great. All we have lost is the opportunity of two more years, which will only cost the nation hundreds of billions of dollars, plus interest. Two more years of political purgatory now means ten more years of climate purgatory for future generations. It means every other problem has eroded that much more.

Come on. Be America, you jackasses.

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